• Converse with calm. Confront with care.

A bitter-sweet situation for me. I don’t like conflicts. Yet I do indulge in quite a few. I believe conflicts and confrontation are necessary evils for the larger good.

The common conflicts arise when 2 people disagree in an outright manner. They discuss. They argue. They choose to agree to disagree.

There are conflicts that occur as two people don’t express what they actually want or think.

Rather they expect, some form of magical mind-reading.

If that doesn’t happen, they get upset. Withdraw themselves.

This creates a silent war in an attempt to avoid…

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Last week I posted an ode to a book I consider one of the best works in self-help/self-development genre.

While writing it I realized that I need to get moving and treat my body right. So I set a 21 day goal to ensure I respect my amazing body and work on my weight loss. I set some mini goals. Got active, ate right and did affirmations. Pushed myself a tad bit harder.

Today I am doing something that I feel equates to — Jumping into the deep end of the pool or like ALL IN in a high stakes…

“If only”(Original illustration by Mr. Andrew Matthews in his book How life works)

Andrew Matthews’ How life works is a Self-help Masterpiece. Must read.

My sincere thanks to the Author Andrew Matthews. His self-help book “How life works” appeared in my life when I needed it the most. I want to convey my deepest gratitude to him to have written such wonderful and totally “cute” book. His illustrations are so cool too. I am super glad I am re-starting my writing journey with this. This is my ode to his amazing body of work.

His book is the fun version of “The Secret”. I loved that book. I even practiced some of the…

Just two things can lead you to your Happily Ever After

Ami Ruia (Happiness Blogger)


Happiness is serene — Photo by Ami Ruia

April 23 · 8 min read

I am the second born to a middle-class couple in Mumbai (India) who are living in a single bedroom apartment. My parents are not very educated or very rich (but are extremely content and kind people). Seeing their daily struggle with money problems and the amount of hard work they had to do, add to that having rich relatives, neighbors and friends, at a young age, I began to feel that if I got rich enough, my family…

Ami Ruia

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